Confiserie Sprüngli (Switzerland) together with PinkSquirrel Agency (Switzerland), commissioned me to illustrate new packaging for new collection of chocolate bars. New collection features eight illustrations, five of them are Grand-Cru chocolates, two are milk chocolates and one is white chocolate.
Illustrations for milk chocolate tell about Switzerland and Zurich.
Milch chocolate is dedicated to Zurich, blue and white coat of arms intertwined with flowers and check tablecloth. 
Chocolate Milch takes us to Alps with native Swiss flora and fauna.
Milch Intense features Zurich Grossmünster towers, skiing in mountains, traditional Swiss chalet and country scene.
For this packaging, Sprüngli - Grand-Cru pioneer, uses a new FSC-certified packaging material, free of genetic engineering and partly consisting of environmentally friendly recycled agricultural residues such as corn, sugar cane or kiwi fruit.
Illustrations are also used as a  central platform for the new campaign: the new Sprüngli chocolate bars will be launched digitally immediately on banners, So-Me ads, So-Me content including a competition, as well as via landing page and newsletter. According to the press release, the digital campaign will be "sensually complemented" by sound backdrops that allow the chocolate's countries of origin to be experienced.
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