Ella Tjader, freelance illustrator and surface designer since May of 2005.
Currently based in Switzerland, Zurich. Clients list include Victoria's Secret, Hugo Boss, Mattel, Target, Nivea, Globus stores, La Perla and many more.

Work can be sent anywhere in the world, either by email or via online file transfer.
You can get in touch with me by email: contact (at) artlaundry (dot) com

Feminine, elegant, modern, detailed, intricate, loose and light, my style is usually based around line work, though sometimes I will use brushes in Photoshop to drop in some vibrant colours. There are lots of organic and intertwining elements in my work to draw the viewer in. I also create surface designs - seamless patterns and prints.

My work appeared in Taschen Illustration Now!, Illusive Contemporary Illustration, Big Book of Fashion Illustration and in The Age of Feminine Drawing.

Thanks for your interest in my work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Hugo Boss (Switzerland), RAPP Los Angeles (USA), Ma Vie (Burda - Germany), Women's Health (USA), Vogue (Japan), Victoria's Secret (USA), Zondervan (USA), Mattel(USA), Henkel worldwide, Triumph (Germany), Nivea (Germany), Globus Department Store (Switzerland), BBH London, Iris London, Blue Dog London, Sanctuary Spa (UK), Ogilvy Advertising, Nylon (Japan), La Perla (Italy), JEM Sportswear (USA), Santoro Graphics (UK), ASDA (UK), New Look (UK), Penguin Books (UK), Die Gestalten Verlag (Germany)
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