René Zibold, C&A Switzerland Marketing and communications manager
Live drawing events and advertising campaign for C&A Switzerland 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ella on several occasions and it has always been a truly enjoyable experience. Her great talent and impeccable eye for detail have always brought a smile on our customers' faces during our events. Her professionalism and great expertise have also always been the reason for wanting to work with Ella repeatedly. Her illustration for one of our very important advertising campaigns was received by our clients with immense enthusiasm and created a strong impact on our communication. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Ella again on future projects."
Laura Zanni, HUGO BOSS Switzerland Retail Operations & Marketing Manager
Live drawing events
“I have had the pleasure to work with Ella for different projects. It was always a huge huge success to have her at our store events, people were standing in line to have their live drawings by Ella. She has an impeccable eye on detail and color and her creativity knows no limits. Working with her was always very smooth and easy and I really love her attitude and professionalism. Would always recommend working with her.”
Deborah Hladecek from Clary Sage, Zürich Switzerland
Bath Salt packaging and Botanical cards collection

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ella and IllustrationX on a couple of projects. I was fortunate enough to see Ella Tjader's previous work and engage her on a project to design the artwork for my new Bath Salt Collection. I found Ella to be reliable, professional and efficient at meeting deadlines and producing beautiful, quality artwork. Her work was exactly what I was looking for to represent my products.  I was so impressed with her botanical artwork, that I've booked her for another larger project."
Henrietta Lienke - Art Director from BUNTE (Germany) 

"It was just perfect to work with Ella on our editorial project, a special edition for watches. I fell in love with her illustrations and was determined to bring together the combination of actual photography and her style of illustration. The briefing phase was easy, but the following adjustments required some intense work. Ella handled the situation quiet, very professional and was open for my ideas. Her creative approach and our needs met in a beautiful artwork and I'm very happy with the outcome. I would love to work with her again, and would definitely recommend her for other projects."
Kerstin von Glowacki from Ma Vie Magazine (Germany) 

We worked with Ella for the second time now on an editorial illustration that required a lot of creative input as we ourselves weren't quite sure how to transform our idea into an illustration. Ella was simply perfect for the job, went with our idea, put her creativity into it, truly understood what would fit perfectly with the style of the magazine and then adapted it to our requirements. The creative and very easy way of working together (great communication, always on time with roughs and final art) and the beautiful results were the reasons why we worked with her together again and will definitely ask her again for another project." 
Nicole Ellerton from kbs+ 

"Working with Ella was a wonderful experience. Not only was she fully collaborative and contributed wonderful ideas to help elevate the project but the level of preparation and detail she showed was invaluable. I always knew that we were one-step ahead of any changes my client might have and always felt confident that we could deliver under the tight timeline . Her illustrations have the perfect mix of whimsy and sophistication and the quality of her work speaks for itself, but Ella's personality and professionalism is what made the experience a real pleasure."

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