I am thrilled to be able to unveil a Swiss Christmas Tale poster I have created exclusively for Bongénie-Grieder department stores in Switzerland.

Bongénie-Grieder department stores are, without a doubt, an ultimate destination for effortless style and chic in the latest fashion trends. Here you can find the most exclusive luxury and comfort available on the market. The Bongénie-Grieder, Brunschwig family-owned business, celebrates their 130th anniversary in 2021.

This year’s Christmas at Bongénie-Grieder is dedicated to Swiss Christmas, Swiss artisans, and Swiss craftsmanship. I am delighted Bongénie-Grieder chose my work for their Christmas campaign.

The inspiration for this poster is a traditional Swiss Chalet, which is in fact the Bongénie-Grieder Swiss factory, where all the magic happens. Here, at night, when the snow is falling softly on the mountains, we hear the magic chimes of cuckoo clock. One may want to peek behind the main doors adorned by the traditional Swiss papercut.

Exquisite  sweet bretzels are nestling in the snow on the roof and sport lovers will be delighted by Swiss handmade skis.

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